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Fluorspar - CAF2, Calcium Fluoride, Fluorite

Overview of the Importance Fluorspar

Fluorspar, also known as fluorite, is a mineral composed of calcium fluoride (CaF2). It is a widely occurring mineral that is found in various types of rock formations. Fluorspar has a wide range of uses, including in the production of aluminum, steel, hydrofluoric acid, and as a flux in the production of glass, ceramics, and enamels. It is also used as a source of fluorine in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and as a gemstone. Fluorspar is known for its unique fluorescence, which is caused by the presence of certain impurities in the mineral.

Uses of Fluorspar

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Acid Grade Fluorspar

Acid grade fluorspar, also known as acidspar, is characterized by its high purity and is primarily composed of calcium fluoride (CaF2) with minimal impurities. It typically contains 97-99% CaF2 and is sought after for its low impurity content.

Due to its high purity, acid grade fluorspar is primarily used in industries where the presence of impurities can affect the final product or the production process. It is commonly used in the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid, aluminum smelting, steel manufacturing, and the production of certain types of glass and ceramics.

This grade has a low impurity content, making it suitable for applications where impurities can affect the final product’s quality or the industrial process.

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Metallurgical Grade Fluorspar

Metallurgical grade fluorspar, also known as metspar or sub-acid grade, contains a lower percentage of CaF2, usually ranging from 60% to 85%. It has a higher content of impurities, such as silica, alumina, and iron compounds.

Metallurgical grade fluorspar is used mainly in the metallurgical industry. It serves as a fluxing agent in the production of iron and steel, where it helps remove impurities and reduce slag viscosity during the smelting process. 

It is also used in the cement and glass industries where impurities are less critical.

Bare Syndicate Ltd.

Why Bare Syndicate?

Following the extraction of fluorspar from mines located in Pakistan and Afghanistan, our highly skilled team diligently assesses and classifies the fluorspar before initiating the processing stage for our valued customers. Our fluorspar products encompass a broad spectrum of grades, ranging from 30% to 96%, catering to the requirements of the acid, cement, and steel industries. Additionally, we offer fluorspar in various size specifications, including 0-10mm, 3-10mm, and 10-80mm, which are already being successfully distributed to diverse markets, including China, Turkey, Korea, Japan, and Europe.

With a substantial monthly production capacity of 10,000 tons, we stand as a dependable and robust source for meeting industrial demands. In parallel to our expertise in fluorspar extraction and processing, Bare Syndicate boasts extensive proficiency in logistics and international trade. This comprehensive skill set enables us to provide our customers with a seamless, all-inclusive solution for their supply management needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fluorspar is indispensable in various industries, primarily utilized in the manufacture of aluminum and steel, the production of hydrofluoric acid, and also in the fluorination of drinking water. Additionally, it’s used in the manufacturing of refrigerants and in the production of fiberglass and specialty glass.

Baresyndicate offers Fluorspar in diverse specifications and grades to cater to a wide array of industrial needs. Get in touch for Premium Grade Fluorspar offers.

Yes, Baresyndicate efficiently manages international shipping, ensuring our Fluorspar reaches global industries securely and promptly, adhering to all international trade norms.

Absolutely! Baresyndicate is dedicated to fulfilling your specific needs. Engage with our team to discuss your unique requirements and we’ll work to devise a tailored Fluorspar solution that’s perfectly aligned with your industry demands.

Baresyndicate’s supply chain for Fluorspar is engineered for reliability and security. Utilizing a blend of strategic planning and technological advancement, we ensure a steady, secure, and timely delivery from our mines to your establishment.

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